The Great Journey


Soooo, I’m pretty sure that 343 has just confirmed that Blue Team is in Halo 4 because the Braille on the blue Spartan’s armour says 104 (and he’s blue, and wearing the exact same armour as Fred in Escalation).

Get excited, people!

Holy shit.. How did I miss that? That’s big.

Microsoft: Release Halo Wars' Sequel →


Will you help Halo follower to make this happen? just go to the link follow the steps and you will help to make Halo Wars 2! Now if you like Halo Wars you should just click the link :P Also sorry for being off for a while but I was out with my family all yesterday and also my Online course is coming to a close so I’m finishing that! (it ends on the 5th) so I’ll be free then :) 

PS: Thanks for the help you have given the blog and Enjoy your month of August :)